Welcome to the adventures of a Culinary explorer...

Welcome to the adventures of a Culinary explorer...

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Welcome to The Skillet

I'm very excited for starting this blog about my new column called The Skillet in the Improviser, Douglas Anderson School of the Arts newspaper. The column addresses the exploration of the culinary arts, and encourages experimentation with food.
From here on out I will be posting the columns that get into the paper, as well as some of the recipes I try on my own. theskilletda@yahoo.com is the email where anybody can send me their original recipes for a star rating review. I will keep my readers updated with the experiences I go through while trying to cook the recipes sent, visiting different restaurants, some cookbook reviews, and all that yummy stuff.
Ok now that we have the basics covered, let me tell you about my first mission. I was checking my email and found a message with the subject line: S'mores cake recipe, sent in by Alex Stafford (Thank you Alex!). I am not much of a baker, but when you put s'mores and cake in your subject line, there's not much of a choice but to give in.
There are many stories coming up, like how I had Sushi for the first time only yesterday, what eel tastes like, how many stars Alex's cake received, and many more.
Tune in again for a fresh bite from The Skillet!

Henna Bakshi
Food Columnist

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